Creative Director & Fashion Styling: Irving Urquidi
Photographer: Gerardo Sierra
Model: Persi Nico @ Queta Rojas
MUAH: Aramara Corona
Wardrobe: Manuel Delgado

Electronics’ true surge occurred with the arrival of the new millennium. A song crafted with this title illustrated how we often build expectations around individuals we don’t truly know, merely because they are perceived as our chosen ones.

Inspired by the symbiotic rise of AI in image creation and the mesmerizing allure of Y2K futuristic aesthetics, the images seamlessly blend the boundary between reality and illusion, casting a spell that grandifies the ethereal over the tangible. In this synthesis of artificial intelligence and nostalgia for the future, we capture a moment where the tangible and the virtual converge, creating a visual narrative followed by the hits of the late y2k era of the idealization of infatuations.

Look: Ventura
Shoes: Steve Madden
Rings: Burak
Accesories: Cruz del Mar

Jacket: Lucio Moreno
Jeans: Tom Ford
Boots: Aldo Shoes
Accesories: Cruz del Mar

Shades: Simons
Top: Diesel
Jeans: Levi’s
Briefs: Calvin Klein
Accesories: Cruz del Mar

Jacket: Fher Cousin