Creative Direction & Photographer: Gerardo Sierra
Model: Franco Bianchi
Fashion: Betsabé Huidobro

We work a lot on ourselves, the version of our independence, our strength and our own validation towards adulthood. We learn through pain that, in order to succeed, we must embrace it and let it go, but we hardly let go of that version of ourselves when there’s no longer a need to be tough, to be aware of everything and be defensive.

We hold on to that version fo self where all we knew was loneliness because we might need to be like that in the future, but the truth is that the present no longer needs that version and it’s a beautiful moment to heal and let that version be in our past.

If you need that someday, you’ve already mastered placing yourself into safety. Trust yourself enough for that, you deserve a brighter day, (yet again) a new beginning.