Editor at large: Mykel C. Smith
Photographer & videographer: Prince Dudley
Videographer: Marc Parroquín

Fashion Week Spring Summer 2021 In New York bounced back with live audiences again. The requirements were that you had to be masked and vaxed to attend, so this made everything feel completely different from previous editions.

I had the time to put on my Editor-at-Large shoes and exclusively cover a few collections for One·Four·One Magazine. There were over 150 shows and events produced by IMG and smaller production companies, the events were very muted and, in same case, under attended… however, we are still in the midst of a pandemic and many guest are still wary of attending live events.

We are glad to see that fashion is dipping its toe back in safely and we look forward to share with you a little of what’s to come this Spring-Summer 2022 season. Here are some highlights of some key shows that we covered.