Text by Aramara Corona
Images courtesy of The Riviere AgencyArun Nevader

This is a brand created by LudovicaVirga, an Italian designer, on the beach of Bali in 2006. Ludovica started this massive project to support Balinese affected by the tsunami, who were left without work because of tourism industry left in crisis. Success came in 2009, when the young designer, during a Chanel fashion show in Venice, met Karl Lagerfeld and gifted him a Mua Mua doll in his likeness. The designer then forged a collaboration with the world renowned Italian designer and in 2012.

Today, designer Ludovica Virga and her view of the world of fashion, House of Mua Mua has become a brand sold in the most famous concept stores around the world. House of Mua Mua‘s FW22 collection was full of different colors and textures, including fur textures, huge skirt tulle, colorful and shiny sequins and iconic illustrations of the most significant representatives in the fashion world, such as Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour.

This collection has pieces such as tops, coats and even dresses that were characterized by different messages on the back, without losing the glamour and eccentricity, a unique element of the brand. The collection featured a duality in its color palette, with pieces in bright colors such as red, bright purple, royal blue and pink, as well as more neutral colors such as white, black and nude. It is important to note that each of these garments are elements that will make the outfit of the person who owns them unique.