Text by Aramara Corona
Images courtesy of The Riviere AgencyArun Nevader

She’s a Dominican designer who has worked with celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, among others. Giannina’s designs are at the forefront of fashion, with garments for women who want to be the center of attention with striking elements thanks to its high level of detail and material. Through an exotic but sexy style, Giannina works on ‘mesh’ type textiles, which are painted or embroidered by hand to give that careful and natural effect, this being a personal hallmark of the brand.

In this FW22 collection, we can appreciate risky designs that radiate elegance, complemented with elements purely influenced by the Lebanese culture, as she describes the brand. Highlighting in this collection the bright elements and details that make each garment unique; from variable textures to volatile forms present in sleeves or chest. Among the color palette used in the collection, there are neutral colors such as white, black and nude, as well as bolder colors such as red, pink and silver.