Text by Aramara Corona
Images courtesy of The Riviere Agency w/ Arun Nevader

Inspired by 90s street culture – a transformation of hardship into a period of rich and flourishing, distinctive culture. A culture transitioning adversity into opportunity, a CHAANCE, attention to design, exceptional quality and differentiated styling.

On this occasion, CHAANCE gathered a dynamic group of models to present its unisex line, presenting active sportswear from biker shorts to sweatshirts. This collection featured monochromatic looks in sky blue, salmon and black along with camouflage prints on hooded coats.

“Light the Fire Within” is a collection symbolizes the ignition of hope in gray and difficult times. Inspired by the signs of hope and triumph of the Winter Olympics, CHAANCE incorporated these images into its collection with bold colors, graphics and materials capable of allowing freedom of movement.