Creative Director/Stylist: Mykel C. Smith
Photographer: Rico Kinnard
Grooming: Ebone Alloway
Assistant Stylist: Joseph Smith Marino
Publicist: Christina Fonseca
Manager/Brand Partner: Rasheen Farlow
Labels: AWAL Music @ Sony Music
Studio: Egg Studios

D4m $loan

Feb 25, 2023 | Play N' Repeat

Interview by Mykel C. Smith & JAI

On this occasion, we had the honor of interviewing D4m $loan, an incredible artist whose voice and unique sound immediately caught our attention. His actual vision that brings together fashion and hip-hop as a personal brand is currently backed by his Creative Director Mykel C. Smith, the one who understood his concept and was able to bring that to life and to another level.

Purple Lazy is the latest single he’s put out since October, 2022, but he’s just warming up to give us something big this year.

Here is the complete interview of this distinctive rising artist with high energy and unforgettable project.

Stick to the plan and keep going. You’re going to get what you’ve been praying for one day.

Don’t give up.

D4m $loan, 2023

141: Every time we listen to your music, your voice is completely unique, the downs and resonance envolve our bodies in an incredible experience. So we would love to know, how did you come to discover your voice?

D$: That was probably back around 2018 when my partner, Skiano, and I used to play off of one another when working on music in the studio.  During that time, we had developed our own alter egos- the wolf and the demon.  It developed organically but I wasn’t sure how people were going to respond to it. I started releasing different snippets every week and the fan response was amazing.

141: Your music is turning people up in the US, Latin America and other parts of the world. How do you feel about your music expanding towards new horizons?

D$: My goal has always been to take my music globally, so it means a lot to hear that people in other parts of the world are enjoying my music.  I’m excited to see how it goes.

141: And now, a question that can be a little taboo, tons of messages are found in lyrics that can be misunderstood and taken as something unintended. What’s your position on “cancel culture” in the music industry?

D$: I don’t believe that the hip-hop industry participates in cancel culture, but I do understand the need to take accountability. I think your job as an artist is to express your art and to push the envelope of creativity.

141: Your songs are strong and powerful, from melody to voice and composition. What do you want to express with your letter’s and your rhythm when you’re creating your pieces?

D$: I have a different approach every time I get into the studio depending on the song and what I want to accomplish. I’ll sit with the beat and go off of how it makes me feel- I want a different reaction every time.

141: We also saw that you were on the new series, Bel Air, so how was your experience?

D$: That was an amazing experience. When I received the message to audition for the role, I knew that this was my opportunity to showcase myself in a different way to my fans. 

141: Would you like to act again?

D$: Absolutely, the world can expect some more from me. I was actually filming for another role this past summer.

141: What kind of character would you like to be?

D$: I mentioned that my partner and I created alter egos in our music and that was shown in some of our music videos as well.  If I could be cast for any role tomorrow, I would probably enjoy playing the part of a wolf, superhero, or even a hitman- definitely an action movie. After my homecoming performance last weekend, I could also see myself in a high school or college movie as well.

141: How do you separate your music and acting?

D$: Music, I’m just being myself. Acting is putting myself into a different mindset because you’re preparing to be a character and play role.

141: We know you are getting into a big contract, so congratulations for that. But what we really want to know is, what do you feel about it?

D$: This is a pivotal moment in my career, and it is so much more significant because of all things that had transpired before I got here.

141: How do you feel about to have this huge millionaire catapult.

D$: I’m excited to take things to the next level and give the world some Swagg in the process but I also know that this is just the beginning and there is more work to be done.

141: Is there any advice you’d like to share with our readers that has helped you through your toughest moments?

D$: Stick to the plan and keep going. You’re going to get what you’ve been praying for one day. Don’t give up.

141: What are your fashion choices and what designers, do you like?

D$: I love what Demna is doing at Balenciaga. Rick Owens and Nathan Best are also some of my favorite designers.

141: Where do you see your style being in the future?

D$: I’ve never been a person that followed trends.  My motto is “I dress how I feel,” so that is what I do and will continue to do in the future. 

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