Faded Answers

When the feelings go beyond reason, there are questions left unanswered and we tend to search from them, ‘till the end of the universe… until we’re left with nothing but blank pages for new

Photographer: Gerardo Sierra
Model: Fabrizio Ferretti @ New Icon Models


Going back to venues, to people. to our creative and artistic health through the fashion industry.

Editor at large: Mykel C. Smith
Photographer & videographer: Prince Dudley
Videographer: Marc Parroquín

M5 Shop

Welcoming the “new normal” through fashion, supporting designers in this exclusive showroom.

Text: Aramara Corona
Creative Director / Stylist: Mykel C. Smith
Event Photography: Courtney
Assistant Stylist: Joseph Smith
Grooming: Ebone Alloway
Assistant Production: Cameron Matte

Moirai Today

How would the Moirai goddesses look today among us? Here’s an example.

Photographer: Suzanne Kelly
Creative Director: Mykel C. Smith
Film: David Simmons
Models: Lou & Shaylan @ Marylin Agency NY, Veronica @ New Icon Models
Hair: Ebone Alloway
Makeup: Jefreey Lindsey
Nails: Rachel Shim
Assistant Stylist: Joseph Marino Smith
Studio: Egg Studio NYC