Photographer & Wardrobe Stylist: Gerardo Sierra
Model: Diego Marx @ Baxt Models
MUAH: Aramara Corona
Styling: Frida Ortega

Different versions of oneself develops over time, in distant places and with other people.

Becoming who we are in reality is a mix of all the versions we’ve been in the past, all proud pieces of a puzzle.

Suit: Angel Farfalla
Hat: Moro
Hand bag: Aguamiel

Shirt: Pattan
Coat: Jorge Salazar
Pants: Victor Sillas
Hand bag: Aguamiel

Coat: Stylist’s Vintage
Pants: Diego Zúñiga
Shirt: Caruso

Shirt: Pattan
Coat: Marco Manero
Pants: Valadez

Total Look: Manuel Tiscareno