Fiera Rooftop

Nov 30, 2022 | Pata de Perro, The Business

Photos and text by Gerardo Sierra & JAI

Located at 530 of Paseo de las Palmas, Lomas-Virreyes, Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City, Fiera Rooftop is a spot who everybody should visit.  Illuminated with its calm warm tones, a few nights ago we had the opportunity to enjoy a lovely dinner at this rooftop, where they attend us in a marvelous way and made us feel as if we were on the other side of the world.

Specialized in Japanese food, Fiera Rooftop offers a wide variety of dishes from different styles, ingredients and also experiences. Noe, here are our recommendations if you want to visit this amazing terrace in the heart of Paseo de las Palmas in Lomas.

To begin, we tried three appetizers from their menu: edamame with truffle sauce, steamed soybean pods  with Colima salt and truffle oil, decorated with a little radish to enhance the experience of this simple yet delicious dish.

These were followed by padron peppers, roasted with their homemade soy, ginger and garlic sauce. Now, we have to say that this sauce transported us straight to Kyoto with its traditional flavor👌. You can find this in the menu as Hiroshito Peppers.

And if it wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, we also tried the famous and traditional known miso soup. A combination of danshi and miso paste, an entry that no doubt every Japanese foodie lover has tried at least once in their lives. If you have never tried it, we strongly recommend you to visit  Fiera Rooftop for an excellent and guaranteed first impression.

After these amazing entrees, we were served two kinds of sashimi: salmon and sea bass, served with yuzu, Colima salt and cilantro sprouts, something that gives a very mexi-panesse touch to the dish.

The visual experience did not end with the lovely presentation of the sashimi, they served it with dry ice, which gave it a mysterious and intriguing appearance to the whole plate.

We’ve arrived to the climactic moment of this experience: the hand rolls, which are a must in any Japanese restaurant.

We couldn’t help ourselves but try all six of their top rolls:

  • Spicy Tuna with kiury (kirby) cucumber, so perfect you’ll wish you’d asked for two.
  • Hamachi, negi and truffle: yellow tail, negi and truffle oil accompanied with soy sauce. Certainly one fancy dish.
  • Hotate, which consists of hotate (fan shells) with mayo, masago and sesame oil, something really delicious that brings us a new story to tell
  • Ebi tempura and Avo tempura, being shrimp tempura and avocado tempura accompanied with different sauces. Undoubtedly a combination worth returning for.

The Nigiris arrived at the table right after the hand rolls, being a visual delight on the black plate, and the brightness of the protein… GOD! That only made us want to eat yet appreciate them more. 😍

  • Amaki: raw meat with nikkiri sauce and a touch of wasabi.
  • Salmon: Canadian salmon, yuzu, yuzukosho and Colima salt, a little bit of different places to excite your palate
  • Chūtoro: medium fatty tuna with nikkiri sauce and pickled ginger. Something a little more savory for those fish connoisseurs.
  • Hamachi truffle: yellow tail, truffle sparkling, tartufata and negi.

To finish this gorgeous dinner, we had three traditional makis:

  • Sendai roll: inside has tempura marinated shrimp, asparagus, cucumber, scallion and on the outside has a layer of avocado, hotate tartar, masago and an exquisite serrano made mayo.
  • Uramaki double dragon: tempura shrimp and white asparagus on the inside, on the outside comes with avocado slices, mango and truffle sauce, sesame, hanakatsuo and fish chips which gave a different texture to this dish.
  • Uramaki double dragon veggie: consisting of tempura asparagus, blanched enoki mushroom and on the outside a mango and truffle sauce, sesame and shredded coconut.
Uramaki Double Dragon

We have already presented the entrees, rolls, makis and more… but we are the kind of people who love to wine and dine. We could’t leave Fiera Rooftop without trying their musts on cocktails, and that’s why were sharing with you their tops:

  • Golden 8: made with aged rum, a mixture of vermouths and a slight touch of vanilla, which gives that «something special» to the drink.
  • Santo: white tequila combined with agave honey with herbal and fruity notes, a spectacle for your nose and palate.
  • Tinto: combination of gin, pomegranate liqueur, red fruit mix and a touch of red wine. If you are a wine lover, you’ll love this drink.
  • Masakuro: a mezcal based cocktail, with cucumber; tropical notes and a botanical touch.
  • Sake Lychee: a cocktail based on traditional sake with lychee syrup, sweet and sour citrus.
  • Thai tea: without a doubt one of our favorite beverages in this traditional Japanese restaurant.

We’re very thankful for the attention granted by the whole team in Fiera Rooftop,we sure had an amazing night.

We invite you to visit this wonderful place, which not only offers delicious food but a special experience for those who know where to be and enjoy either alone, with friends, partners and more. Fiera Rooftop is open through Thursday to Saturday and we encourage you to make a reservation via instagram.

We want to give a special thanks to Ricardo Monsalve for his amazing recomendation and taking us to one of the several exquisite and selective experiences secretly hiding for you in Mexico City.