MBFWMx FW22 – Día Tres

La semana de la moda mexicana llega a su fin con el tercer día del Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2022 y la presentación de Benito Santos, Armando Takeda, Alejandra de Coss, Daniel Herraz, Anuar Layon, Abel López y Lorena Saravia.

Faded Answers

When the feelings go beyond reason, there are questions left unanswered and we tend to search from them, ‘till the end of the universe… until we’re left with nothing but blank pages for new

Photographer: Gerardo Sierra
Model: Fabrizio Ferretti @ New Icon Models


Every now and then it’s important to remember why we decided to come to this planet, to live, to coexist… But also important how much we decide how to spend time with the most important person of all: ourselves.

Photographer: Gerardo Sierra
Model: Mauricio Castillo