One·Four·One Magazine is a fashion and lifestyle magazine based in Mexico and seen worldwide by exclusive and demanding readers. This magazine was created to link our readers to the vast proposals by small entrepreneurs that need an authentic, yet approachable voice for their market.

We want creative individuals to showcase their talents in fashion, arts and amazing lifestyle experiences that can inspire others to persue specific dreams, activities, etc.


One·Four·One Magazine is a magazine that wants to embrace projects that need to be advertised, wether it’s a big or small project, we want to be a bridge of information for our readers with the brands that bet on our platform. There are tons of brands and competitors for all kinds of businesses, so it’s important for us to join forces with interesting brands that feel identified with our voice.

In One·Four·One Magazine we know that advertising has to be a very thought out decision for any business. We’re open to any brand or business that has interest in reaching our audience through our website adds, editorials, coverages and more. Advertising is always a great way to reach other market segments that are not available in first instance in your own channels.

We’re a free access media for any reader around the world, yet, our readers are not just anyone. Our readers are independent creative people who are always looking to identify themselves with authentic brands, proposals, lifestyle experiences and more. Our readers don’t dwell in what has to be right in their life by implementations of social standards, they want to follow their intuition on how to be happy and self sufficient.

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We’re updating ourselves to a broader audience through our website as the main link. We also renewed our printed issues and they’re only available in our online shop to any place in the world.

If you are interested in placing an add with us, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll answer your doubts on how to meet your business’ needs through us.