We exist for the individual mindset.

One·Four·One Magazine is a fashion and lifestyle magazine based in Mexico and seen worldwide by exclusive and demanding readers that go from 18 to 40, mostly bilingual (EN & SPA). Our main goal is to keep the smart consumer awake in our readers, always willing to know more before buying anything attractive, therefore our content is 100% exclusive and original.

This new version of One·Four·One Magazine brings you all you need to know about independent fashion proposals by groups and designers, independent artists from all over the world and luxurious and special tourist locations in America. It’s time for the creative millennial to have a magazine that walks the same path as they do.

We’re very thankful with our readers and followers from different social media platforms, it’s thanks to them all that we’ve been growing and getting different proposals from different brands from all over the world. The most important thing for us is that we can inspire more people through art, music, fashion, and more to help them transform in their own entrepreneurial/professional and personal way.

Evolution of One·Four·One Magazine

One·Four·One Magazine was created in 2014 and launched in 2015. In the beginning, we were created as a digital media for local artists in Hidalgo, MX, but with time, agencies in the center area of Mexico started to be interested in getting their brands in our content. After one year of digital publishing, we moved to printing and started distributing free issues in Mexico City, Pachuca, Puebla and Queretaro, the major cities in the metropolitan area of our country.

While working in this new phase during 2016, instead of going local, we decided to approach bigger brands for our readers to interact with and the most interested ones were from the fashion industry, mainly independent Mexican brands. After some issues, we decided to remove celebrities from our covers and went full on fashion editorials. This decision got the eye of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico and we started working hand in hand with this major fashion event. We made our first printed appearance We managed to have over 4 issues printed for the fashion runways of the designers featured on the covers like Pineda Covalin, Xico, Alfredo Martinez, RCano and Galo Bertin.

We decided to make our last printed issue in March 2018 to take break and analyze what was our next step. This is the result of that pause, we decided it was necessary to make ourselves completely bilingual and take everything further for our Mexican and foreign readers since we noticed that almost half of our printed issues were taken by foreigners that came to visit Mexico City and other tourist locations.